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epr-bio Consulting: From Idea to Business Success in Life Science

Consultancy and Interim Management in:

Business Development
Sales and Marketing

I am offering solutions for business development, sales and marketing as consultant or by taking responsibility as interim manager.

More than 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and business development in the life science industry.
Technology, products and services for R&D and applications in life science:
Academic research
Biotechnology and pharma industry
Food production and supply
Molecular diagnostics

Focus on Genomics, Applied Genetics, Molecular Diagnostics, Personalized Medicine.

Track Record
Sales and management positions with Millipore, Applied Biosystems, Eurofins Medigenomix, LivImplant.
Consulting service for life science products and services providers, focussing on personalized, genome guided medicine, Next Generation Sequencing and genome analysis applications.
Strategic consulting, including business plan & sales strategy, market evaluation, direct sales. Supporting enterprises from abroad to set up a business in Germany and Austria.
Co-Founder of m4 Personalisierte Medizin e.V.
Senior Consultant with Hello Healthcare Berlin GmbH
IMGM Laboratories, Munich, Germany: Genomic services provider [www >]
Personalis, Inc., Menlo Park, USA: Whole exome sequencing and interpretation provider [www >]
OpGen, Inc., Gaithersburg, USA: Whole genome mapping technology [www >]
Myriad Genetics, Martinsried, Germany: World leader in molecular diagnostics [www >]
Skyline Diagnostics B.V., Rotterdam, NL: Molecular diagnostic tests for blood cancers and patient stratification [www >]
BioM, Apanovis, Martinsried, Germany: Bacteriophage Purification technology [www >]
DeMatteo Monness LLC healthcare, London, UK [www >]
GLG Council member [www >]

  • Founding and developing of new entities
  • Identifying and implementing of business opportunities
  • Strategic business planning and focussed implementation
  • Operational experience in business line management
  • Building expert teams
  • Finding and fostering of high level business contacts
  • Presenting complex products and services
  • Presenting business models to investors
  • Market/Appl. expertise: genomics, genotyping, DNA forensics, authenticity testing, molecular diagnostics, pharmacogenetics.


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